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Earned Income Exclusion with no other countable income

Please enter these amounts to let us best estimate the calculation.

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see calculation below

Earned Income
Subtract General and Earned Income Exclusion
(see current amount)

Federal Benefit Rate
(see current amount)

Step 1: Total Countable Earned Income
    blank image Earned Income
    minus sign Subtract General and Earned Income Exclusion
    equals sign


    division sign Divide by 2

equals sign

Total Countable Earned Income

Step 2: SSI Cash Benefit
    blank image Federal Benefit Rate
    minus sign Subtract Revised Total Countable Income
    equals sign

SSI Cash Benefit

Step 3: Total Monthly Income Before Taxes


  blank image Wages (Earned Income)
    plus sign Add SSI
    equals sign Total Monthly Income Before Taxes


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