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Tony Gets a Job

Report of Contact: 12/5/97

Name of Client: Tony Boyd
Person Contacted: Mary-Medallion
Contact Made: phone
Date/Time of Contact: 12/5/97 11:28 am

PURPOSE: Discuss working interview.


Mary said the client went to Vegoni 's restaurant today for a working interview, and did very well. The employer gave him an application, and the client is supposed to bring it back to Mary on Monday. She is going to talk with the parents, and if the client still wants the job, then she will contact me next week to schedule a pre-employment meeting.


Wait to hear from Medallion regarding this job lead.

Signed: Lillian Thoms, Senior Counselor

Pre-employment meeting at Mid-City Bowling Alley, with Lillian, Tony, Paige Campbell (Medallion Job Developer) and Mary Layton (Medallion Program Manager)

January 15th, 1998

Lillian: Hi, Paige, Mary. Tony and I were just going over his IWRP so he can sign it.

Paige: Hi, Tony.

Tony: Hello.

Lillian: OK, Tony, this last page says several things. It says that you understand what we are planning to do, in terms of having a job coach for you, helping you get going on your new job, and all of that. All right?

Tony: Yes.

Lillian: It also says that you want to have Paige and Mary continue to provide these services, and you agree to work with them to learn how to do the job. Is that OK?

Tony: Yes.

Lillian: This says I will give you a copy of this plan and also that you and I have talked about the Client Assistance Program in case. Remember, these are the people you can call if you aren't happy with the service you are getting from us.

Tony: OK

Lillian: And this last part says that you have been a part of the decisions we have made about your services and your job. Is all of that OK?

Tony: Yes.

Lillian: Now, there is a place here for your comments if you want to add any. Is there anything you want to put on here?

Tony: Ummm... No.

Lillian: OK, then if you can just sign down here, we will be done with the paperwork. There is always so much paperwork! All these forms we have to keep track of.. OK. Let's get started on the meeting. Paige, what can you tell us about Tony's job?

Paige: Well, he officially starts two days from now working at Vegoni's. He will work in the morning for now, 11:00 am 'till 2:00 pm in the lobby area, three days a week. He'll be keeping the tables and dining area clean and handing out fresh breadsticks to the customers. He had a working interview there last month, and they decided to hire him, but to wait until after the Christmas holidays to begin training. Tony decided he would like the job. Last week he went to an orientation session to meet his supervisor and sign the employment forms. He seems to get along well with his coworkers, and I think will do just great.

Lillian: What sort of supports will he need, if any?

Paige: Well, I think Tony could use a job coach to sort of help him stay on task. There are a lot of distractions when the room gets full of people, and a lot of noise. Also, he will need to remember to shift between tasks, to check on, for example, the beverage area and the condiments area in between delivering breadsticks and cleaning tables.

Mary: And we have Laura available to be his job coach. She can start right away and I think they will get along great.

Lillian: How does that sound to you, Tony?

Tony: OK.

Paige: We expect that the job coaching to last about four months or so. Laura will start coaching him pretty much the entire time he is at work and then decrease the time she is there as he gets more confident.

Lillian: How much will he be making?

Paige: $5.50 an hour, and he'll be working 15 hours a week.

Lillian: So there shouldn't be any threat to his Social Security benefits.

Paige: No.

Lillian: Is there transportation available?

Paige: For right now, his mother can bring him to work. But there is public transportation available and Tony is comfortable using that.

Lillian: Tony, are there any other problems that you think you will need help with?

Tony: Ummm.... no.

Lillian: Will he need a uniform or any special supplies?

Paige: He will need a pair of dark pants and some dark shoes, but Vegoni's will supply a shirt and cap for him to wear.

Lillian: OK, so that shouldn't be a financial burden or anything. Tony, it sounds to me like you are ready to go.

Tony: Yes. I think so.

Lillian: When will he start working with Laura?

Mary: She will meet with Tony tomorrow and go with him to work the day after than. We have talked to her about Tony so she is familiar with his situation and is all set to go.

Lillian: Paige, can you be there to introduce Tony to Laura and make sure they work together OK?

Paige: Sure.

Lillian: Tony, Paige is going to introduce you to Laura tomorrow, and Laura is going to be your job coach and help make sure you don't have any trouble with your new job. OK?

Tony: OK

Lillian: Then I think that takes care of everything. Ladies, thank you for coming. Tony, I told your mother I would drop you off at home. Are you ready to go?

Tony: I'm ready. I need to go say bye to my friend Bill, 'though.

Lillian: OK, well let's go do that then.

Report of Contact: 1/15/98

Name of Client: Tony Boyd
Person Contacted: client, Denise, Paige & Mary -Medallion
Contact Made: Mid-City Bowling Lane
Date/Time of Contact: 1/15/98 3pm


Discuss initial plan/Comprehensive Assessment for Initial Plan/Justification for Initial Plan/VR Potential.


I arrived before anyone else, and I asked the client if he liked his job. He stated he did. I explained the plan to him and he signed in the appropriate areas.

Tony requires VR services because he has a disability that interferes with him obtaining/maintaining appropriate employment. A Supported Employment Assessment was provided by Glenbrooke, and it was determined at that point, the client wanted to work with animals, computers or as a lifeguard. After a year of job development and no placement, the client and his parents decided to change providers. They had changed to Medallion, where the client had been assessed "free of charge" by Medallion in food services and laundry. During this assessment, it was determined that the client and his parents wanted him to work; and they were willing for him to try anything. Medallion took the client to Vegoni's where he would pass breadsticks and clean tables. The employer was willing to hire the client, and he wanted the job.

Tony will receive direct on-the job training at Vegoni's as a host. If everything goes well, he will complete his training by May 98. He will work 15-20 hrs per week at 5.15 per hour.

Since the client has stated he wants the job, and the parents agree to try the job, VR will fund for the job coach through Medallion, totaling $8640. These services are needed to assist the client learn his job and to become independent in performing the tasks.

With the proper assistance, Tony can become an excellent rehabilitant.


Monitor the services.

Signed: Lillian Thoms, Senior Counselor

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