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picture of TonyThe Staffing Meeting: 6/24/97

Report of Contact: 6/9/97

Name of Client: Tony Boyd
Person Contacted: Sharon Boyd (mother)
Contact Made: phone
Date/Time of Contact: 6/9/97 7:34pm

PURPOSE: Discuss staffing and assessment.


Action Taken: The mother stated that Allison showed up at the Pets-R-Us this past weekend, but the client was already done. Allison had told the mother she had gotten lost. The mother stated that she would not consider the assessment complete until the assessed him at the Pets-R-Us. We changed the staffing to 6/24th at 3pm, and Tess Cooper (Tony's Case Manager from Davis County Family Supports) said she could attend.


Monitor these services.

Signed: Lillian Thoms, Senior Counselor

6/24/97 - Staffing meeting at Glenbrooke, attended by Tony, Sharon (his mother), Lillian (VRC), Megan and Allison from Glenbrooke, and Tess Cooper (Tony's Case Manager).

Lillian: OK, now that we are all here, let's get started. First, Allison, can you go over the results of the Situational Assessments?

Allison: Sure. These are just the preliminary results, I'll get everyone a formal copy after this meeting. Let me look at my notes...

Sharon: Can I interrupt just briefly? Just, before we begin, I wanted to mention that our family has some vacation plans for the next couple of months. So if it isn't a problem we would like to delay the actual start of the job hunt until after that.

Lillian: Megan, Allison, is that a problem for you?

Megan: No. We can start the job development phase whenever Tony is ready. What date should we set for that? The end of August?

Sharon: Sure, the end of August or first of September. It's just that we are going down to Florida for a couple of weeks in early July, and then we're going to see my brother in Kansas for a couple of weeks after that. Plus Tony has some Special Olympics events at the end of August. So I just thought we should schedule around all of that.

Megan: That won't be a problem. We'll just mark the services to begin the first of September.

Lillian: OK. Allison, you were going to give us the results of the assessments.

 Allison: Yes... Tony's disabilities are mental retardation, some language impairment, Down's Syndrome, and ADHD. There are no ongoing health problems that would interfere with him working. He is very athletic and outgoing, and he enjoys socializing. Tony's family is very supportive about finding employment for him and will help with transportation if needed. Tony graduated from high school this month and is ready to start job development.

We assessed Tony in several work settings - we observed him cleaning a kitchen, helping with food preparation, cleaning offices, shelving library books, making copies, and helping take care of animals at Pet World and Pet House. He had no problem working four-hour shifts, communicating effectively with employers and others, or following instructions. He interacts well with other people in the workplace, and there didn't seem to be any behavioral problems. Tony seems ready to work - he understands the benefits of a job, both financially and socially, and shows no resistance to working.

Issues of concern include monitoring the amount he earns so that he does not lose Social Security benefits and deciding on the type of job and type of supports he will need.

Lillian: OK. Sharon, does that sound accurate to you? Is there anything Allison has missed about Tony?

Sharon: No. He has worked a wider variety of places than she mentioned, but I think she has seen how well he can work and what his skills are.

Lillian: Tony, do you want to add anything to what Allison said about how you work?

Tony: No. I like... I'm ready to work.

Lillian: You are ready to go to work?

Tony: Yes.

Lillian: What kind of work do you think you want to do? Was there any job that you really enjoyed more than other jobs?

Tony: No. I can work. I just do what they tell me.

Lillian: Was there any job that you didn't like? Anything you do not want to do?

Tony: No.

Lillian: OK. Tess, Megan, do you have anything you think we should add to the assessment? Or any thoughts on job preferences for Tony?

Tess: No.

Megan: No.

Tony: I didn't like vacuuming. I don't want to do that.

Lillian: You didn't like vacuuming? Where did you do that?

Tony: At the office.

Allison: Tony did some vacuuming at the Center for Independent Living. It was kind of an old, noisy machine, and I don't think he liked using that machine.

Tony: I don't want to do that.

Lillian: Was it cleaning up the office you didn't like, or just using the vacuum cleaner?

Tony: Just the vacuuming. I can sweep and clean things. I can do that.

Lillian: OK, so we'll make sure you don't have to do vacuuming. What else did you like or not like at the jobs?

Sharon: Tony likes athletics and particularly swimming. Maybe he could do something related to that.

Tony: I could be a lifeguard. I can swim and help people.

Lillian: Would you like to be a lifeguard as a job, Tony?

Tony: Yes. That would be good.

Megan: How about other jobs at a swimming pool? You might not be a lifeguard, but you could help fold up towels and keep the supplies straight at a pool. Or at a gym. There are several gyms in town.

Lillian: Would that be OK, Tony? Could you work at a gym or a pool, but not as a lifguard?

Tony: OK.

Sharon: Tony volunteered as a helper for activities at the retirement home a couple of years ago. That might be a possibility, too.

Megan: OK, we can put down recreational aide as one of the possible interest areas for job development.

Lillian: Let's think of a couple more. Tony, what else do you think you would like doing?

Tony: Computers. I could, like, run a computer at a job.

Sharon: Tony is pretty good with the computers at school, and he was in the computer club last year.

Megan: How about working in an office where they use computers, Tony? Would that be interesting to you?

Tony: OK.

Lillian: Tony, is it OK if we put down office work or computer clerical work as a possible job for you?

Tony: Sure.

Sharon: Tony has also done a lot of work with animals, at the vet clinic and such. He's very good with animals.

Tony: I help take care of them. Sometimes I walk them, or help hold them when they need to... to give them pills or things.

Lillian: So would working with animals be interesting to you?

Tony: Yes. I can help with that. I do that every Saturday.

Sharon: I think that would be a very good job possibility for Tony, because he has so much experience with it already.

Megan: OK. We'll add that to the interest areas for possible jobs. What about some of the other specifics. I assume we are looking for a part time job, because of the Social Security benefits issue. What time of day would Tony prefer to work?

Sharon: Well, I would prefer it be a morning job, especially if we are going to provide transportation for him. I don't go into work until 1:00, so that would fit my schedule best. If it was later in the day I wouldn't be able to help him.

Lillian: Tony, would working in the mornings be OK with you?

Tony: Yes.

Sharon: That would also let me help make sure he is dressed OK and ready for work. It helps if I can do that for him.

Megan: So we will look for a part-time job with morning hours for Tony... Allison, what were your ideas about job supports?

Allison: Well, I think a job coach would be an important support, at least initially. It will depend on the job, but I'd expect Tony should have a job coach.

Sharon: Now, remind what a job coach will do exactly?

Allison: A job coach is someone who just basically helps Tony get oriented to a new job. They will help explain things to him, or remind him of things while he gets used to a job. They will make sure he is staying focused on the job instead of getting distracted, and make sure he has the tools, instructions, and supports he needs to do the jobs. They will act as sort of an intermediate person between Tony and the employer, to make sure there are no misunderstandings or problems arising.

Lillian: It's sort of a combination on-the-job trainer and advocate for Tony.

Sharon: I see.

Tess: Let me make a suggestion. I think Tony's job coach should probably be a man. I know, with some of the activities he was part of in school, he would get distracted by women very easily. So I think Tony might just, you know, hear the instructions better if they come from a man.

Sharon: That's probably a good idea.

Lillian: Tony, is it all right with you if your job coach is a man?

Tony: Sure.

Lillian: OK. So we are going to provide Supported Employment - which means services like the job coach and other supports if necessary. And the official Job Development phase will start on September first. Glenbrooke staff will concentrate on jobs similar to activity aide, possibly work at an indoor pool or gym, animal care like he has done in the past, or office technical or clerical work. They will focus on part-time jobs with morning work hours. Once a job is found that Tony likes, Glenbrooke will evaluate the job for the supports he might need and probably provide a job coach as part of those supports. Tony, does that sound OK to you?

Tony: Ummm... yes.

Lillian: Sharon, is there anything we need to add or change?

Sharon: No. That sounds like a pretty good plan.

Lillian: OK, then we will proceed with that. Thank you all for coming.

Report of Contact: 6/24/97

Name of Client: Tony Boyd
Person Contacted: client, Megan & Allison (Glenbrooke), mother, Tess Cooper (Tony's Case Manager from Davis County Family Supports)
Contact Made: Glenbrooke
Date/Time of Contact: 6/24/97 3pm


SEA Staffing/Justification for job development/job tasks analysis.


Action Taken: Before the meeting had even started, the client and his mother wanted to know if they could put off the job development until September 1st. I stated this was fine, and they explained the reasoning was because they had several vacations planned, and they did not want to change their plans.

Allison explained that they had observed the client at Pet World, Pets-R-Us, ILC, Easter Seals, the library, Soup Kitchen and at MWBS shelving books. He performed tasks such as cleaning of cages, making copies, food prep, and shelving books.

The client stated that he did not have any particular job he did not like. But then he stated he did not like the cleaning tasks-vacuuming. He stated he would like to be a lifeguard, and Megan asked if he would be willing to fold towels at an inside gym/swimming pool. He said this was fine. He then stated that he would like to work on computers, and Glenbrooke asked if working in an office would be OK, and he stated it would. Because the client was once an activity aide, they would target jobs that related to recreational aide, so he could have some involvement with sports, and be able to help people.

 The client and the mother expressed how good the client was in working with animals, and that this should be a vocational goal for him as well. Glenbrooke stated that they would make a note of this, and add it to the areas he is interested in for employment.

The team also decided that Tony should work part-time so he does not endanger his Social Security benefits.

Because the client's mother provides transportation, it was decided that the client having a morning job, would be most beneficial. The mother stated that if she did not do the transportation and the client started later during the day, she would not be able to see how he looked before he left, and if he was dressed appropriately.

It was also determined that the client should have a male job coach because he is easily distracted when he works with a female.

The team agreed that the client is appropriate for Supported Employment (SE) services, and his goals as an office tech/clerk, recreational aide/retail were appropriate. Therefore, VR will fund for job development. These services are needed to assist the client in obtaining appropriate employment. Job Tasks analysis will be provided to assist in determining if a job is appropriate by reviewing the tasks before the client actually begins working.

If any problems or concerns should arise, the client knows to contact me.


Monitor these services.

Signed: Lillian Thoms, Senior Counselor


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