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Rich Marks is a 33 year old man. He has had various diagnosies over the last few years, but he describes himself as having a Learning Disability and Bipolar Disorder. His most consistent diagnosis is Borderline Personality Disorder. He has had various part-time jobs over the years, but Rich is currently unemployed and would like to find a more stable, satisfying career.

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Page 1: Introduction. Rich describes himself and his life

Page 2: Comments from Rich's VR Counselor, Tim Stockner

Page 3: Rich & Tim meet to discuss his case & schedule a Voc Eval.

Page 4: Rich & Tim go over the results of the Voc Eval and discuss career options.

Page 5: Rich's job hunt.

Page 6: Rich & Tim discuss further options after Rich looses his job.

Page 7: Rich & Tim close Rich's case.

Page 8: Rich's comments on his experience with VR and his life.

A Timeline of Rich's Story

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