S1.10 - Organizational Skills

The Self-Determined Career Development (SDCD) Model is designed to promote self-directed learning and goal achievement in an organized manner. It incorporates three simple phases: What is my goal, how can I achieve my goal, and how did I do on my goal? These are very direct and simple methods of organizing efforts at achieving job and career goals.

There are numerous ways of organizing time, space, and effort. Good organizational skills are similar to the same process the model uses: Establish your goal, develop a plan to achieve the goal, and evaluate the effectiveness of the plan. Successful techniques can frequently be incorporated into multiple efforts. While the Model provides a method of organizing most activities, the following materials provide some additional information on how activities might be organized:

Step 1: Identify the activity or routine that needs to be organized

This step is basically the same step involved in Phase 1 of the Model, “What’s my Goal?” It involves helping the consumer identify what needs to be organized or what activity or goal he or she wishes to accomplish. The facilitator can help the consumer walk through Phase 1 of the model to identify what needs to be organized. The facilitator might also assist the consumer by:

Make sure to start with a reasonable amount of things to organize.

Some things to consider:


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