S1.07 - Career and Job Exploration

Career Exploration provides individuals with the information they need to appropriately identify their own career options. It affords them the opportunities to personally interact with the places, people, and duties that make up the various occupations in the world of work. Ideally, individuals in the exploratory phase of the career development process will spend a lot of time visiting, observing, and performing duties in jobs of their choice. In addition, career exploration offers individuals the following:

These activities give individuals opportunities to have structured experiences combining work and learning in a field they are considering for a career. The work may be paid or unpaid, and it can be part-time or full-time and is usually under the supervision of a workplace mentor or contact. The primary outcome for each activity is for individuals to gain valuable workplace knowledge, explore career possibilities, and gain marketable work skills. At the end of these activities, individuals should have an awareness of various jobs and careers, a larger knowledge base for individual job duties and responsibilities, various types of environment/working conditions, and a deeper understanding of their own skills and abilities.

Many factors contribute to successful career exploration activities:

This employment support focuses specifically on three, different types of contextually based, career exploration activities:


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