Final Quiz

Question 1: An act or event is self-determined if the individual's action(s) reflects what four essential characteristics?

Question 2: Self-directed learning means a person: 1) sets his or her own career and job related goals, 2) participates in decisions related to developing a plan of action to meet goals, 3) implements the action plan, 4) evaluates his or her actions, and 5) modifies actions or goals to achieve the desired outcome.

Question 3: The difference between a self-directed learner and someone who adapts or reacts to circumstances is that people who are self-determined go beyond reacting or adapting to circumstances by moving toward a specific, desired outcome. They are causal agents in their lives.

Question 4: Once a person compares their baseline or starting information with information gained through ongoing self-evaluation, they will be able to reach one of three conclusions. Which conclusion listed below is NOT one of the potential conclusions?


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