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Question 7: The third question under Phase 2, “What can I do to remove these barriers?” focuses upon finding the best method of removing, modifying, or going around barriers. This may mean learning a new skill, obtaining specific equipment or supports, or changing direction.

Question 7: What can I do to remove these barriers?

  • Objective 1 - Assist person in identifying appropriate employment supports to implement selected action alternative.
    • Sample Responses
      • I am going to talk to my VR counselor and review my notes on what to say during the phone calls. Maybe my VR counselor will have some suggestions.
      • I will have a list of things that I ask when I make my call and I will make notes on the answers for each question.
  • Objective 2 - Teach person knowledge and skills needed to implement selected supports.
    • Sample Responses
      • I am going to practice what I am going to say at each place with my counselor before I make the calls.
      • I am going to prepare an “information gathering form” so that I can collect complete and organized information about available computer course.


Once the person with the disability has answered questions 5, 6, and 7 under Phase 2, they have gathered information on their current status. They have, in effect, established a baseline or a starting point for evaluation.

Question 8: The fourth question under Phase 2, “When will I take action?” completes the last steps of the action plan. This question prompts the person with a disability to determine a schedule for implementing the action plan. It also prompts the person to design a self-monitoring plan to track progress. Encourage the person with the disability to plan out the details of how much time he or she will devote to implementing the plan. It might be helpful to provide a visual or tangible record of time spent on an activity (e.g., a checklist of steps, a list of appointments can be checked off as they occur, a calendar can be used to note progress or completion of steps in the action plan).

Question 8: When will I take action?

  • Objective 1 - Enable person to determine schedule for action plan to remove barriers and implement supports.
    • Sample Responses
      • I will call the community college on Tuesday about training courses.
      • On Wednesday, I will check on the courses offered at the library.
      • I will talk to the independent living center on Thursday.
  • Objective 2 - Support and enable person to implement the action plan.
    • Sample Responses
      • On Monday, I will review the materials I have prepared including my notes on what to say, my “information gathering form”, and my schedule of phone calls.
      • I will report the information I obtain this week to my VR Counselor on the following Monday.
  • Objective 3 - Enable person to self-monitor their progress. • I will compare my call schedule to the actual calls I made.
    • Sample Responses
      • I will determine how much of the “information gathering form” I actually completed during the phone calls.


The design of the action plan is very important because it enables the person with the disability to collect information about their progress toward the goal. This information can be used to evaluate progress.

The outcome of addressing questions 5 through 8 should be that the person with the disability has solved the questions posed in the second phase, “What is my plan?” Work can now begin on the final phase, Phase 3, “What have I achieved?”


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