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Question 2: The second question in Phase 1, “What do I know about it now?” guides the person with the disability to review needs, opportunities, and environmental barriers. It encourages the person with the disability to look at their current status, related to instructional need. The person may know very little about an area or may need very little additional instruction. This question starts an exploration of potential barriers to meeting instructional need.

Question 2: What do I know about it now?

  • Objective 1 - Enable person to identify his or her current status in relation to prioritized job and career option(s).
    • Sample Responses
      • A janitorial job would be easier for me to get but I don’t want to be stuck in a job requiring lots of physical labor.
      • I have no office experience.
  • Objective 2 - Enable person to identify knowledge or skill strengths and needs pertaining to prioritized job or career option(s).
    • Sample Responses
      • Most office jobs require computer skills and I have never used a computer.
      • I will need to assure people that being legally blind won’t prevent me from getting the job done.
  • Objective 3 - Enable and support person to prioritize career and jobs options and select preferred option(s).
    • Sample Responses
      • There are always ads for office assistants and receptionist work.
      • I need to work with the vocational rehabilitation counselor to get the accommodations and training I need.


Question 3: The third question, “What must change for me to get the job and career I want?” promotes an examination of capacity building and knowledge acquisition. The person with the disability needs to weigh all possible options for instruction, look at barriers and opportunities, and select a priority job or career need. The outcome ranges from focusing on skill acquisition as a means to remove a barrier to removing an environmental barrier as a means to minimize or remove the need for skill acquisition.

Question 3: What must change for me to get the job and career I want?

  • Objective 1 - Support the person to prioritize needs related to job and career preference(s)
    • Sample Responses
      • I need computer skills.
      • I need to find out about computer accessibility for visual impairments.
      • I may have to have better clothes to work in an office
  • Objective 2 - Enable person to choose primary need and decide if action needs to be focused toward capacity building, modifying the environment or both.
    • Sample Responses
      • I will find out about local computer classes and see if this is something I can pursue.
      • I talk with my VR counselor about computer accommodations for visual impairments.




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