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Autism Works Conference

The last Autism Works National Conference was held March 6 & 7, 2012, in St. Louis, MO. At this point there are no plans for any future sessions.

As part of the conference, Scott Standifer wrote a number of articles on toics related to autism employment. These are archived below.

Autism Employment Articles

Autism Employment Sneak Attack - New York City’s ASTEP program has found a new way to raise awareness about autism employment

Something in the Wind - In 2004, Thorkil Sonne came up with a new employment option for people with autism.  His now-famous seed of an idea  (software testing) has drifted around the world and led to a cohort of similar projects – similar, but hardly identical. 

Lessons From Anderson - Manager Deb Russel discusses Walgreens' innovative autism employment project.

Fruits of Employment - TIAA-CREF's innovative agribusiness autism employment project.

Kathy Moeller's New Brain - TBI self-advocate Kathy Moeller attracted attention several years ago when she created her Brain Book cognitive support tool. Now she has converted it to an iPad application and is marketing it to the autism community.

AMC FOCUS - AMC Theatres has quietly implemented a major new autism employment initiative across all its theatres.

Fear of Little Men - Is the workplace ready for more adults with autism? (reprinted from Job Training & Placement Report)

Ari Ne'eman's New Barriers - Autism self-advocate Ari Ne'eman is promoting a new term in the conversation about autism employment: "Barriers of Social Architecture".

Reinventing Roses - After resurrecting the last local rose production farm in the Northeast, Roses for Autism is about to reinvent itself

Reframing Autism - Dr. Stephen Shore believes autism employment hinges on reframing our understanding of autism

Autism Employment Fact Sheet

2010-2011 Articles

Is Short-Term Job Coaching Practical for Autism? - Two noted experts on disability employment and autism services believe job coaching should only be time-limited, and long-term job coaching is a bad idea.

Cary Griffin - Why Job Seeking Won't Work for Autism - a national expert on disability employment says the " look for a job that matches the person's characteristics" approach simply will not work.

Paul Andrew - Parent Voices Drove Autism Standards - comments from distraught parents convinces international accrediting agency CARF they needed to give special attention to the service needs of adults with autism.

A New Kind of Autism Community -In the hills of Northern Virginia, a group of parents, autism advocates, and employment specialists are revising the way we think about autism supports for community inclusion and employment.

Dan Tedesco - Opening a New World of Possibilities for Autism - a conference keynote speaker says new technologies can provide amazing supports for autism - but we have to stop using them for the same old things.

Autistic Fixation Shapes Photographer's Work - The photographs of an emerging French photographer depict her fascination with reflections, a feature of her autism.

Adult Autism & Employment: A guide for VR professionals

A guide for vocational rehabilitation professionals, including a synthesis of existing literature, promising practices, and previously unpublished insights and suggestions from a national expert on autism & employment.

Download Adult Autism & Employment (PDF file)

If you are not able to open the PDF file, try updating Acrobat Reader. If you are using a third party PDF reader, you may need to an official Acrobat reader.

We have made every effort to make this PDF file accessible to people with disabilities. If you need an alternative version, please contact us at 573 882-3807.

The Employment Guide In The News!

Autism Podcast: Scott Standifer was interviewed on Michael Boll's Autism Podcast in August about the employment guide and the Autism Works conference. You can listen to it here.

Article: MU's Illuminations Magazine has a feature article about the Adult Autism & Employment guide. The week of July 29, 2010, it was featured on the main home page for the University of Missouri. Read the article here.

Other Adult Autism Resources of Interest

Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation, Autism Transition Issue - This research journal devoted its April, 2010 issue (Vol 32(2)) to research on adult autism and transition. (Note - the Adult Autism & Employment Guide is not referenced here because it is not research-based, but based on field experience)

Voc Rehab Outcomes for Transition-age Youth with Autism - is part of the prestigious Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) at University of Massachusetts in Boston. In February, 2010, they published to the web this short research note on the dramatic growth in the number of young adults with autism applying for voc rehab services from 2002 - 2008.

ASD-Career Links - a 5-year research project on various topics of autism & employment, at Virginia Commonwealth University (much of the special issue of the Journal of Voc Rehab came out of this project)

SEDL - Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Service Models for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (5-year research project surveying the research literature and state VR agencies for recommendations.

Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism - This consortium of autism groups is lobbying for better supports for adults on the spectrum, including employment and independent living services

Jobs4Autism - A project collecting stories of successful employment by people with autism

Towson University Center for Adults with Autism - These folks are doing some innovative work using peer mentors to engage and support adults with "Classic Autism". They are not doing any employment-related projects yet, but their work is very interesting.

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